Water and Wind Power Plants

As an alternative power source we rely with our island systems on wind and water among other sources. Of course we can realize for you only hydropower plant of the wind power plant. Of course we can realize just hydro of the wind power plant. Even if the sun is extensive the strongest power source in Africa, wind power is advancing. Several wind parks are built in the last years in the African continent. But also small systems, wind power plants as island systems, are more often deployed.

Wind Power-Island Systems & Large Wind Power Plants

Even if our island systems are function with a working backup solution, is wind a discontinuous power source. Therefore it will be deployed as only source just in small power supply system or in the form of a large wind park. How far wind power has a concrete purpose use in your target region in Africa, we determine it together with you. As an alternative we give you the choice of an alternative decentralized power supply or the use of wind power as a power source in our island systems.

Drinking Water Preparation and Desalination of sea water

As a company for renewable energy, which is active for years in the African continent, we understand the need for drinking water preparation. But the preparation, for example in form of desalination of sea water, needs a lot of power. Right this is the biggest challenge in drinking water preparation.

lower costs of drinking water preparation

The costs involved of conventionally methods for the power supply of drinking water preparation (in form of a generating station) could be supplement with renewable energies and finally replaced. Energy Concepts Schiffer is specialized for power supply systems, with this the drinking water preparation will be possible (specialize the desalination of sea water). In connection with this we have also an established knowledge about treatment plants. 

We accompany you in your future projects in Africa and we are on your side at the whole project period.