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Sterilization and desinfection of drinking water

Clean and hygienic drinking water from contaminated Wells, drill holes, rivers, ponds and seas or also out of tap water. No grid connection required. The System working with a solar power supply.
How the electrolytic disinfection does works: An electromagnetic field splits up the salty minerals chemically. Chlorine becomes free and disinfects the water and all pipes after the tank.

Technical Specifications:

  • Typ: EK 100DC505
  • Max. disinfection performance: 8000 Liters/d
  • Battery: 5 Ah LiFePo
  • Length of cable: 2000 mm
  • Working: automatic
  • Solar Modules:  50 Wp

 Price per piece: 749 €

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'Sterilization and desinfection of drinking water'
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