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Monoblock air conditioner in modern design (Overview/please chose one of the variants below)

Monoblock air conditioner in modern design

  • Provide fresh, cool air
  • Exemplary in the consumption: Energy efficiency class A (EER 2. 61)
  • Cool on adjustable temperature down: 16 to 31° degrees Celsius
  • Comfortable attitude over remote control or integrated operating
  • panel (with display and LEDs)
  • Many comfort functions: direct temperature election, timer
  • (1-24 hours), swivel, "Sleep" (moderate cooling output),
  • 2 speeds of the ventilator
  • Selfevaporating system: Condensed water is used for the cooling of the condenser
  • Dehumidification up to 19. 2 l/day
  • Coolant mix and-: R410A/370 g
  • Business excess pressure desists (admission/): 0. 8 MPa/3. 2 MPa
  • At most permitted pressure: 5 MPa
  • 4 air filters clean your room air, for cleaning removable
  • Adjustable air leaving bars
  • Mobil by stable grip and roles
  • Flexible waste air tube (max. length: 160 cm, Ø 13 cm) for firm wall
  • assembly or half openwindow
  • Containing a closeable blank faceplate (10 x 55.2 cm)
  • for an oval wall opening (75 x 165mm) for the wall
  • Volume 57 dB
  • Maximum air throughput 380m³/h


Monoblock air conditioner 7000 BTU/h in modern design

Monoblock air conditioner 9000 BTU/h in modern design

Monoblock air conditioner 11000 BTU/h in modern design

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