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Heatpipe system EK WW-150

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Content: 150 Liter
Construction material: Deep extruded low-carbon
  Steel DCP DC04/DC0103
EN 10130: 2006
Tank Thickness: 2,5 mm
Welding material: Welding wire DIN EN 440G3Si1
  Special Tripartite Gas 96, 3, 1
Tubes: Solid at DIN 1629/2448/84,
  DIN 17100/EN20025, DIN 2440
External cylinder material: Prepaint galvanized steel sheet
  DIN EN 10327- D4 DX51D+Z
External cylinder thickness: 0,6 mm
Isolation: High density polyurethane foam
Isolation thickness: 50 mm
Anticorrosion protection: Anodic protection with Magnesium
  cylinder DIN EN 12438 Ø 32 x 500
Laboratory test pressure: 20 bar/max.
Operating Pressure: 0.5 – 10 bar
Thermostat: adjustable 20-80° degrees Celsius
Heating stick: 1.5 KW
Power supply: 230 V / 50Hz / 20A
Type: EK WW-150
External length of the tank: 1410 mm
External diameter of the tank: 500 mm
Flange diameter: 170 mm
Weight/empty: 79 kg
Quantity of HP-Vacuum tubes: 16 Pcs.

Price per piece: 1449€

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'Heatpipe system EK WW-150'
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