Photovoltaic Systems

The potential for the using of the photovoltaic system, as well in rural areas as comprehensive in cities, are due to natural pre conditions in African enormous. Because of this point we use photovoltaic systems in combination with different other power sources in our island systems and of course we realizing also independently photovoltaic systems. 

photovoltaic systems for african demands

Energy Concepts Schiffer had the needed knowledge to modify the photovoltaic systems for demands of the African continent. So we put with our photovoltaic systems on special adapted solutions, which are laid out for a long life period. Basis for this is an independent analysis and conception for the photovoltaic systems as well as a high quality implementation of the systems.

We accompany your project in Africa with

  • creating a technical concept for your photovoltaic system
  • applicant subsidies
  • analysis your own consumption and excess return
  • Implementation the project on-site
  • inclusive the whole construction supervision
  • as far as final inspection and starting up the photovoltaic system

photovoltaic systems in different sizes

We can realize the photovoltaic systems in different sizes. Of course conclude the development of photovoltaic systems-island systems. This decentralized island power supply is particularly suitable for power supply in Africa for schools to whole areas.