It is our aim to make basic needs like energy and clean drinking water accessible for everyone. Our products are based on environmentally friendly, regenerative energy sources, like sun, wind and water. The central idea of the enterprise is  to deliver lasting and economic concepts with regenerative energy sources.

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Our island systems

The island power supply is optimized tailored for the African needs, our island system have following characteristics:

  • The combination of different energy sources for a permanent island power supply
  • The using of the energy sources began after a carefully requirement analysis and an analysis for environmental conditions.
  • Warranty of the energy supply with complete renewable energies 
  • Backup-System for covering consumption

Made in Germany

Our island systems are manufactured in Germany with high quality standards, it is 100% “made in Germany”.  They are in use for; island power supply in disaster areas, pumping station for watering, for lighting, for rechargeable battery, for mobile telephone system, in border inspection station, measuring station for example weather station or pipeline measurement, in house power supply, for supply of villages and cities, in schools, in pressure-maintaining for water supply, water treatment system, for desalination of seawater, in hospitals, cold stores, deep freeze rooms or fish farming.

Your benefits:

  • Supply safety with multiple protection and backup system
  • Decrease fuel and maintenance costs
  • Long life up to 50 years
  • Non environmental pollution with pollutants or tank truck accident
  • Low to non annoying noises
  • Very flexible, easy to enlarge, adapt and to relocate
  • Easy construction
  • Remote reading and monitoring are possible
  • Long term costs effective

Energy Concepts Schiffer GmbH connects this vision with a concrete engagement in many countries of the world, to make a basic contribution to the energy and drinking water needs.

Our product assortment consists of the following regenerative done applications:

  • production of electrical energy for all power consumers
  • mobile energy systems for civil protection, relief organizations, construction sites
  • drinking water sterilization
  • irrigation- and pumping systems
  • drinking water demineralization device and conditioning lines
  • Solar street lighting,
  • cool and deep freezing container
  • oil mills
  • hot-water generation

The island systems of “Energy Concepts Schiffer” are especially developed for the African continent to fulfill the specific requirement of the decentralized energy supply. For long-term the island system have advantage as an increasingly economic efficiency against to generators. Please call us, we will find a long term, cost effective, solution for your power supply need.